merging #marketing, #design and a wide range of #onlinetools to find practical solutions for business growth

We are family and friends, brought together by a common professional passion: we enjoy seeing businesses grow with our support. We love what we do, and if the world would not ask us for a currency to live and travel, we would do all our work for free.

we can help with:

# branding

Your brand can be a game-changing investment for your business. It shows the difference between you and any of your competition. Clarifies your message and helps your client make the buying decision.

# graphic design

We can create flyers, posters, brochures, stationery, banners, rollup banners, annual reports, business cards, social media banners, eBooks and almost anything else you would need.

# websites

Design + Development. From simple landing pages to complex website designs, mobile or web apps and digital identities. We are specialised in front-end design and dev.: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

# product

Some of us have been around the block and built businesses over past 6 years. When we say we understand, its actually true. We mix business acumen with design and marketing to get the best outcome.

# search optimisation

We believe in inspiration. We believe its the final 10% of a good job. The rest of 90% is data, hard work and constant improvement. You should be where people search for you and that’s online.

# marketing automation

Over 95% of your website visitors are not yet ready to buy. Lead nurturing and marketing automation strategies help move the purchase decision forward and build credibility with prospects.


Andrei Stoica
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Vlad Stoica
tel: +40 733 342 668
skype: vlad_stoik