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We started the agency 8 years ago, with a simple aim: help our clients grow online and get better every day. Not build beautiful websites and digital assets for the sake of aesthetics, but use them to attract good fit customers and revenue.

About the agency

Who we are

We are a B2B digital agency working with small and medium tech & software companies based in Europe.

Our work is based on the belief that you need to educate and help before you sell. We follow a growth-driven design mindset where the focus is on understanding who your customers are and how your marketing actions can best serve them in their buying journey.


Our values

What we believe in

Before we deliver anything, whether it’s a sales-ready website, a demand generation campaign, or a simple landing page, we want to understand the end goal. How does this bring value and helps you achieve your business goals? With this mindset, we make sure we stay focused on what’s important, not what looks great now.

Our customers are at the heart of our work, so we want to understand your priorities and goals, and what makes your life better at the end of the day. We ask for feedback constantly and try to figure out what we can improve in our way of working and how to be a better partner.

The world of digital marketing is becoming more complex by the day. Because of that, we keep up with the latest trends and technologies, to make sure we have all the tools to help. We are not afraid to admit when we don’t master a topic, teach ourselves new skills, or hire people to help us.

We help our customers have the big picture in mind, understand the complex world of digital marketing, and how to choose the right things to focus on. Providing clarity and guidance is part of our role.

Meet us

Get to know the team

Andrei Stoica

Managing Partner

Adelina Rotariu

Head of Operations


Elena Iordache

Head of Growth

Vlad Stoica

Head of Design

Emilia Negoescu

Growth-driven design

Gabriela Popa

Growth-driven design

Răzvan Stătescu

Full stack development

Natalia Manolescu

Content marketing

Oana Groza

Marketing specialist

Denis Drăghici

Front-end development

Alexandru Arcanu

Front-end development

Tania Roman

Project manager

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