Let’s grow together

We’re building a culture where amazing people (like you) can do their best work. If you’re ready to grow your career and learn new things every day, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a small but dynamic team, searching for the right individuals that can grow with us.

You may be interested in

Remote work

Sometimes it’s good to be in the office and discuss face to face but most of the times it doesn’t really help. You can work from anywhere, anytime.

Flexible schedule

We don’t believe in 9 to 5 jobs. You should be able to work when it fits your schedule. If you don’t have a meeting or something fixed, doesn’t really matter.

No BS work culture

The only important thing is to get things done. We each have clear objectives and resources to do our job right and contribute to building our team.

Paid books or courses

We plan to learn something new every day or week (or month if it’s a bit too much) and the team will always cover the extra if it’s even remotely related.

Unlimited vacation

We try to take as much time off as we can. We work efficiently so we can take more time off and spend it with family, friends or whoever makes us happy.

Honoring parenting

Some of us are parents as well and we understand how important is to be with your child when he needs you there. Family first. Work, a bit later.

Open roles