Beautiful websites that get results

Building your website is not a set-and-forget activity! If you want to achieve proper results, it’s best to iterate and improve continuously. Growth-driven design is an iterative approach to web design that starts from defining your buyer persona and always ends with generating more clients for your business.
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Fast delivery, beautiful design and business results

Over the past years, we built tens of websites using our refined process with a focus on fast delivery and the capacity to improve the initial implementation over time. Our approach starts with an in-depth analysis on your business, customer and his behaviour and builds the structure, design and content of the website with the clear purpose of delivering a simple and efficient experience for the end-user. Through our growth-driven approach, we can make sure your website will bring a lot more to your business than what it costs.

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Previous work

Andrei, Adelina and the whole team at Stoica are an invaluable resource for me. More like partners than a vendor, I can throw them a project and trust it will be completed on-time and on-budget. And whenever there is a technical glitch, I can jump on a video chat with them and quickly solve the problem. I love working with Stoica.

Charlie Wollborg
Founding Partner, Curve Detroit

It has been now for almost more than 3 years that we collaborate with you, and as from the beginning, we love the way you understand or question a briefing and the way you also propose to improve an idea we had. Communication with the team is very fluid via Slack! Thank you for assisting us in all our web-work!

Béatrice de Mahieu
CEO, Co.Station

Growth-driven process


We start by finding as much information about your business and objectives as much as we can (ideal clients, ideal outcome, team, services).


Based on the initial briefing we will put together a plan of action and adapt it considering your feedback. At the end you will have an actionable to do list.


Based on what we know at this point, we will start by building a sitemap and a basic wireframe and, with your feedback, we will map all your website.


Now that we built the structure of each page and the expected message for each piece of the website, we can build the right content for the right context.


When we follow the previous steps, implementing the website is not that complicated. For content management, we usually use WordPress or Hubspot.


To make sure you recover your investment and a lot more, we can help with constantly optimising your website for better results.

We follow this process to make sure that your website design is built to cover the actual needs of your business and will contribute to the bottom line. Your website will be fully editable using a modular system so you or anyone from your marketing team will be able to update the website to keep up with the always-changing business needs.

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How much does a website cost?

A full website redesign, if done right, is always a complex process. We follow our growth-driven process to make sure we build a growth engine for the business and not just a presentation brochure. A simple version of a website, just to start capturing leads, can start from 3,200 EUR but most websites range from 10,000 EUR to 25,000+ EUR.

Build your growth machine, step by step

Let’s get in touch and find out how we can drive results while reducing implementation time and costs. We can make decisions based on user’s actions & desires and grow your business online month over month. Here’s what we can promise: 

  • A clear process for clarity
  • Defined objectives to achieve together
  • Experienced team with a track record
  • Transparency all the way
  • Ongoing support if needed