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When you have big goals but a small marketing team, you need an experienced partner to have your back.

Why marketing teams need a digital partner

Successful online marketing campaigns require a wide range of skills: strategy, content and copy development, website design, web development, analytics, automation, and more.

If you don’t have all the right skills under your roof, learning them takes valuable time – you can’t get it all done. We created this service to take the heavy load from your team and enable you to move faster. Whether you need to build a landing page, automate a lead nurturing campaign or set up analytics, we are here to help.


They trust us

What our clients say

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It has been now for almost more than 3 years that we collaborate with you, and as from the beginning, we love the way you understand or question a briefing and the way you also propose to improve an idea we had. Thank you for assisting us in all our web-work!

Béatrice de Mahieu

CEO , Co.Station

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Andrei, Adelina and the whole team at Stoica are an invaluable resource for me. More like partners than a vendor, I can throw them a project and trust it will be completed on-time and on-budget. And whenever there is a technical glitch, I can jump on a video chat with them and quickly solve the problem. I love working with Stoica.

Charlie Wollborg

Founding Partner , Curve Detroit

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We love working with Stoica Digital for a lot of reasons, especially for their deep understanding of our business needs and their agility in delivering. It’s a breath of fresh air to team up with pros that go the extra mile when you’re working against the clock to build a web presence from scratch. We highly recommend Stoica Digital as a trustworthy, reliable partner in web design & implementation.

Emilia Bratu

Director of Marketing & Communications , QUALITANCE

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Working with Stoica team is always a positive experience. The speed and accuracy of delivery, doubled by a positive and supportive working relationship make any collaboration a breeze. The quality of the work is always excellent and impactful. 

Roxana Radu

Communication Manager , The Synergist

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Stoica is an awesome team, enthusiastic about marketing, growth-driven websites, and continuous improvement. We have a great, reliable partner in them, constantly looking to do things even better and come up with creative solutions to achieve our goals. They’ve supported us in rebuilding our website to reflect our renewed visual identity and promise to our clients. They feel like a friend, who always has our best interest in mind.

Réka Borbély-Bándy

Director of Marketing , Wirtek


Choose the right fit engagement



16 hours per month for graphic design and web design. Build the visual assets you need.



80 hours split across graphic and web design, web development, marketing strategy and implementation. Dedicated Project Manager and Digital Strategist.

Digital Support Team

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequent questions we get about our Digital Support Team service. If you have extra questions or want to understand if this is a good fit for you, let’s talk.

What if I’m not sure about the volume?

We can discuss and adapt from one month to another. We can start small and build from that. Also, if you go for a smaller monthly package it doesn’t mean we just stop when we reach our effort limit. We can structure work with a 60 EUR per hour fee and help you as much as we can. We’ll probably be able to deliver up to 30% extra effort but at some point, we’ll reach the limit of how much work we can do in one month and we’ll let you know when we get there.

Also, if we do not “spend” the retainer in one month we can move up to 30% of the retainer to the following month.

Can you do everything?

Not really, but we can help with the most frequent assignments. We are a team of designers, developers, and marketers and have so far supported B2B clients with their marketing needs. We create websites, design brochures, banners, ads or any other marketing visual assets, and help with setting up ads campaigns, analytics, automation flows, email marketing campaigns and a lot more. We don’t do complex development, product design or work with platforms that we don’t have some experience with yet (but we used most of them).

Why would I pay a monthly retainer?

A monthly retainer gives you access to a dedicated team that can deliver when you need it to. The monthly retainer builds our relationship more as a partnership and allows us to build a team that can do a great job fast. Our current clients are happy with our partnership and we only invite you to find out more so we can figure put together if we’re a good fit.

How is time split across the various tasks I need?

Based on your tasks, we will give you an effort estimation and a delivery time upfront. At the end of the month, you will receive a summary of tasks so you have an overview of what was delivered. For Professional and Premium plans we can sit down and plan the activities for the month and decide together how much time we need to allocate for different activities (design, development, marketing).


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