10+ useful AI tools recommended by the B2B Marketers Club members  

One year ago, we wouldn’t envision the huge growth of AI in marketing and in general. Yes, I’m thinking about ChatGPT, but not only. 

More than 80% of marketers worldwide integrate some form of AI in their work. It seems like a big percentage, right? 

But when you open a new ChatGPT, Gemini, Grammarly, DeepL, or you-name-it-AI browser tab, don’t you feel like they’ve been with us since… forever?

Even if the AI market is becoming very crowded and the apps appear like mushrooms after rain, you can still find many useful marketing tools to make your work (and life) easier. 

And who can recommend better tools than our B2B Marketers Club community?

What AI tools do you recommend? is one of the latest discussion threads launched by Natalia, our Head of Marketing. 

Some name-dropping

  • ChatGPT – self-explanatory (recommended by Andrei Stoica)
  • Userled.io – creates ABM landing pages (recommended by Daniel Secăreanu)
  • Fathom – records, transcribes, and summarises your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams calls (recommended by Natalia Dărăbăneanu)
  • Perplexity.ai – finds information on a wide range of topics (recommended by Daniel Secăreanu)
  • Playground.ai – creates AI art and images  (recommended by Daniel Secăreanu)
  • https://www.storytelling.com/tools/plot-generator/ – generates scripts on any topic (recommended by Carmen Burcea)
  • Whispermemos.com – transcribes iOS memos and sends you an email with the transcription (recommended by Vlad Petre)
  • Bubbles – takes notes in meetings and works wonders in Romanian, as well (recommended by Natalia Dărăbăneanu)
  • MeetGeek – meeting assistant that records and summarises calls (recommended by Daniel Pirciu)
  • Grammarly – checks your grammar (recommended by Natalia Dărăbăneanu)
  • DeepL – checks your copy and translates very fast. It’s a great time-saver (recommended by Delia Ene)

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