5 Best Practices – approaching social media from the inbound perspective

Social media best practices | stoica.co

Over the past few years, we’ve learnt that the key components of an effective social media strategy are social listening, regular publishing, and engaging quickly with the followers.

By combining these three, you can celebrate positive results in terms of brand awareness or SEO or lead generation, or all together :). But, with all the social media networks available nowadays, it’s easy to get confused, we get it.

Here are our top 5 best practices when it comes to managing your social media accounts like a pro: 

  • Evaluate constantly what your audience needs to hear from you. If you haven’t practised social listening yet, you can start by joining FB groups or checking forums like Quora or Medium, analyzing comments, topics, trends, or hashtags. Look for potential pain points or problems your ideal client might have. 
  • Meet your audience where they want to hear from you. Do your research on what channels your audience prefer and optimize your content creation efforts for those networks only.
  • Be quick, leverage opportunities while staying top of mind. There is no better time for user-generated content – now that people are in confinement and practice social distancing they tend to engage more with the brands online (eg. you can share a google doc with useful resources and ask them to update it with their favourite tools)
  • Make a good first impression. Treat your social media channels as micro-sites. Most of the time, they are the first contact a potential customer has with your brand. Our recommendation is to align them with your brand identity. So, make sure your cover photo, profile picture, about us section speak clearly & consistently on what you promise to deliver.
  • Use tools to help you create engaging posts. Canva, Bannersnack, or Visme come in handy when you need to create appealing social media posts, and you don’t have design skills. Also, Kapwing & Lumen5 are excellent for turning your content into video.

Remember, the best way to approach unexpected pivots is through education. Clients don’t always know what they don’t know, and social media is the perfect channel to get quick feedback and build a strong community around your brand.