Amplifying the impact of the PEOF and influenced revenue of 116.000€ through social media takeover

Our client

The Synergist has been our partner for the past eight years, and one of their flagship programs is Patient Engagement Open Forum (PEOF).

The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone, incubator and engine bringing together complementary stakeholders to focus on, and benefit from, solving societal issues.

The project

PEOF is an inclusive event with virtual and in-person sessions where a community of purpose-driven, multicultural and multidisciplinary thought leaders come together to shape a better health future FOR patients WITH patient.

Their target audience comprises individuals with certain demographics, preferences, and behaviors. Understanding and effectively engaging with targeted audiences was a top priority.

While they wished to maintain their brand guidelines and core messaging, they were open to refreshing their content and messaging to better resonate with their audience.

The main objective

Their primary goals for the social media takeover project included increasing brand awareness and driving engagement on social accounts, expanding their online audience, and fostering meaningful engagement during a 3 days face to face event. 

Our approach

We took a creative approach to spice up content, provide value, and keep communities engaged.

Our main objective was to grow engagement on social accounts, drive awareness for the event, and spark discussions around the issues presented.

How did we achieve that? 

  • by developing the visual identity of the event 
  • by designing visuals and videos in advance and just quickly adjusting them during the event
  • by designing participant badges that would serve as business cards in the networking sessions
  • by preparing posts in advance and having a collaborative master plan
  • by aligning on the message templates to be used in comments and DMs & also best hashtags to use
  • by developing a funnel advertising strategy to ensure we boost what’s important
  • by creating a dedicated Slack channel to communicate important quotes and happenings during the live event
  • by live monitoring website traffic and social media engagement and adapting the content accordingly

The takeover approach was very well received, as the company entered uncharted territory and had to quickly overcome challenges due to accelerated digitalization following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Key results

  1. Reached over 4M healthcare professionals, patients, HTA & regulators
  2. 60K people interacted with the social accounts
  3. 159 new followers on LinkedIn + Twitter
  4. Contributed to 2 deals closed, and influenced revenue of 116.000€

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