Driving +300K engagements, +600K website visits, and 2.7K new users for a healthcare organization: Case Study

Our client

The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone, incubator, and engine bringing together complementary stakeholders to focus on, and benefit from, solving societal issues. We’ve been working with them for over 6 years. Two main objectives were to drive awareness for global societal projects (help them reach niche audiences) and convince people to join their communities.

The project

Share4Rare is encompassing a community of patients, carers, clinicians, and researchers who joined forces to make a difference in rare diseases.

The need

Our client required digital social media services to support their project, which aimed to spread awareness, bring people together, and drive engagement around the needs of patients with rare diseases and healthcare professionals working in this field worldwide.

The main objective

To support user acquisition efforts via a SMART, meaningful digital strategy encompassing organic social media and advertising efforts. 

Our approach

We focused mostly on the following:

1) Updating all the social media profiles and making sure the information on the research pilots is visible and easy to access 

2) Educating on topics such as general awareness of rare diseases, quality of life, key facts, citizen science, editorial content 

3) Engaging with key stakeholders

4) Proactively engage around key conferences (sharing, commenting, and live reporting from key events)

5) Direct outreach to 800 Patient Organizations 

6) Engaging quickly in comments and private messages, guiding people to the appropriate resource or specialist

7) Ensuring key conversion events (lead, registration, participation in a survey/webinar, submission to newsletter) were set up both in the advertising platforms & the website

8) A/B testing audiences, creatives, placements, and locations

9) Optimizing the ads frequently to grow the number of conversions and lower the cost per action

10) Running content-based advertising

Key results (over 18 months)

  1. Overall website visits: 642,864 
  2. Overall engagements in social media: 381,919
  3. 2700+ new users on the platform
  4. Generating a lot of traction and going viral several times during key awareness days (Rare Diseases Day)
  5. Successfully secured two extensions to the project’s funding (by Horizon Europe) through our results-oriented approach

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