How we helped Co.station bring the co.mobility initiative to life online [Case Study]

With the European Union’s target to decrease the CO2 emissions for cars and vans by 37,5% until 2030, mobility is an important topic in Belgium.

In this context, Co.station operates the co.mobility initiative, aiming to change the way people use transportation in the future. 

co.mobility is an open innovation ecosystem designed to actively research and develop citizen-centric mobility solutions. The program guides a group of start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, research centers, universities, throughout a journey that leads to 8 mobility solutions and finally 4 prototypes.


Understanding the client’s goals as well as who are the stakeholders involved is a foundational step in our process. Some of the goals Co.station is looking to achieve with this project:

  • Short term: launch the first open innovation ecosystem on MOBILITY in March 2020
  • Long term: have a positive societal impact by delivering accessible, durable, intermodal & economically viable solutions to answer to citizen’s needs.

The Challenge

One of the most important requirements of this project was creating a high-end look & feel online platform, while keeping it simple and easy to use. Co.station wanted a website that would be intuitive to navigate, highlight important information about the initiative, specific challenges, founding members, and useful industry news.

The Solution

Our team stepped in to envision the website using a clean, direct approach. The website has been organized into 8 mobile-friendly pages, to make it more intuitive for users to find quickly the information they needed. 

The Process

We follow a structured process when building websites, that starts with indentifying business needs first, continues with creating the site architecture and wireframes, design and implementation.

Step 1. Identify the business needs. Having an open discussion helped us understand the bigger context and what needs to happen to fulfill the needs of all stakeholders.

Step 2. Build the site architecture and wireframes. Clarifying the structure of the website, what pages should include, what components and functionalities each page should have, gave us a solid foundation on which to build a clear user experience, and helped the client understand how the features will work. 

Step 3. Create a scalable design. Following the brand guidelines, we made sure the design sends the right message and supports all the decisions we made so far while ensuring responsiveness and quick loading. 

Step 4. Implement sustainably. Choosing WordPress as the content management system allowed the client’s marketing team to manage the content in minutes, without writing any lines of code.

Visit the co.mobility website to view the live version.

About Co.station

Co.Station creates innovative workspaces gathering tech startups, scaleups, and companies with one business goal: Grow Together! While entrepreneurs are looking for growth, companies are looking for inspiration and innovation. At Co.Station, we encourage and nurture an innovation ecosystem because we’re convinced that open innovation drives a prosperous society. Thanks to our wide and thriving community, we bring together different parties to solve complex business and societal challenges in an efficient way.

Kind words from our client

It has been now for almost more than 3 years that we collaborate with you, and as from the beginning, we love the way you understand or question a briefing and the way you also propose to improve an idea we had. Thank you for assisting us in all our web-work!

Béatrice de Mahieu, CEO, Co.Station