Andrei Stoica: portrait of a village leader & a community-centric road to business growth

STOICA’s journey began with Andrei Stoica, focusing on business development, and Vlad  Stoica, our talented Head of UI/UX. Shortly after, Adelina Rotariu, their dear friend, joined the team. Initially handling operations, she now gravitates towards project management. We always encourage people to build their path inside STOICA, choose how they want to contribute to the business, and not stick to a role they don’t find meaning in. 

“Our business philosophy emphasizes individual responsibility and efficient workload management. Team members are encouraged to communicate availability, assist colleagues in need, and maintain transparency, especially before vacations or time off. This approach ensures a cohesive team dynamic and a problem-solving mindset.”

At STOICA, we complement each other, creating a well-rounded and supportive team. This collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of our success, a philosophy that continues to guide our growth and development.

Advocating for a healthy work environment

Our colleague Raluca is developing an operational plan to maximise efficiency and maintain a balanced workload. We aim to achieve high employee retention by ensuring manageable workloads tailored to each team member. We want to avoid becoming an agency that demands late nights and weekend work. 

“My most crucial aspect is the team’s effort: show me you care and are oriented towards solutions, not just identifying problems.”

Inspired by the Small Giants conference, Andrei’s mission at STOICA is to develop a healthy business model for the team and the business. He envisions a model that serves as an example, proving that business can thrive in a supportive environment without exhausting its most vital resource: people.

A vision for business as a village

He resonates deeply with the idea of small, close-knit communities. Growing up in a village, Andrei appreciates the importance of relationships and collective effort. In a village, everyone works together to ensure mutual success, which provides psychological comfort in knowing there’s always support.


“This village mentality extends to how I view business. Relationships between businesses shouldn’t be purely transactional. We are not in a jungle; we are part of a village. Acting otherwise can lead to isolation from the community.


Build connections, do your best to help, get visibility, create a great service/product, have a clear conversion point, and you’ll have the best-performing company ever.

Try to trick people into buying, and you won’t get too far.”

Celebrating the latest small wins

STOICA’s latest small win was delivering a marketing strategy and a high-quality webinar for a cybersecurity client led by Raluca and Natalia. Their impressive performance reignited the client’s confidence in marketing results, showcasing our agency’s capability and dedication.

Asked how Andrei unwinds after work, he said…

Outside of work, Andrei relaxes by spending time with his children or cooking healthy, delicious meals for the family. Occasionally, he plays tennis with his brother. 💛

A lifelong learner

As a child, he aspired to be a priest or a doctor, mainly driven by a desire to understand how others achieved financial success. He’d always enjoyed challenging perspectives to overcome limiting beliefs. In fact, we are often our biggest obstacles, believing solutions lie outside of ourselves. Everything depends on perception and the angle from which we view our experiences.

For more bits of wisdom and #villagevibes, follow Andrei on LinkedIn.


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