Grow your business through customer’s feedback


Customer feedback is an immensely important aspect when talking about your company’s growth. Through feedback, you can satisfy the needs of your customers, offer them more personalized services or products and keep them loyal. But how do you convince people to give you their feedback and, more important, how can you use automation to reach them and to communicate more intimately?

Collecting feedback from your customers can be difficult

First, you should make it very clear that their responses will be taken into consideration and implemented to offer them a better experience. Secondly, consider giving out rewards in return for their answers, such as free guides or small discounts. Use compelling copy!

HINT: Always remember to close the loop. That means getting back to the customer and thanking him for his help.

Even so, collecting feedback can be a time and effort consuming task, and this is where automation steps in. Let’s see how you can benefit from ActiveCampaign!

1. Build funnels to collect feedback

Create tags in ActiveCampaign for each section of your business you want to improve. For example, for an e-commerce shop, you can choose to ask for feedback from three main categories:

  • The customers who completed a purchase
  • The ones who abandoned cart
  • The ones that just visited your website

Let’s take for example the customers who completed a purchase.

After the final step of the order process, create a “complete purchase” tag and add it to each one of them. You should also know that with ActiveCampaign, the customer instantly receives a personalized “thank you” email.

So, why not use this opportunity to ask for feedback? You can simply do that by adding a “yes or no” question and offer a freebie in exchange for their help. You can even step up with a small discount and reassurance that his answers will help improve further experiences.

If he chooses “yes,” start the ActiveCampaign automation:

Start the automation when “yes” tag is added to a new customer and funnel:
Instant or <1 hour after agreeing to offer feedback
=> Send the feedback form
24 hours after the questionnaire is completed
=> Send an email to the customer thanking him for his answers and proposing several solutions which can be implemented for a better experience

2. Categorize data and use it to grow your business

Top performant companies consistently ask for feedback and implement it to maintain their customers loyal and happy. Feedback plays an important role not only in the growth of your company but in the customer satisfaction level too.

There is no need to waste any more of your time by reading every single feedback and then trying to filter them. ActiveCampaign makes it easy by giving you the possibility to categorize according to your needs and using tags to screen the customers.

Therefore, you can access the feedback from the customers who completed a purchase, from the ones who abandoned the cart or from the ones that just visited your website. This way you can adjust each phase of your sales process based on the user’s experience. Sound great, right?

3. Measure customer satisfaction

Your company’s financial performance relies on customer satisfaction and loyalty. So you want to make sure your customers are happy and know their opinions matter. Let your customers know they are appreciated with ActiveCampaign’s help! Use tags to sort the clients who answered your Net Promoter Score questions and create three main categories:

  • Detractor
  • Passive
  • Promoter

Then start funneling with ActiveCampaign with tailored made follow-ups to reach the detractors and the passives to improve their experience and prevent negative word of mouth!