How we helped Wirtek relaunch their website and onboard in HubSpot [Case Study]

When we started working with Wirtek, they had just gone through an extensive rebranding process. And their next goal was to relaunch their website to reflect the new visual identity and to improve the overall user experience. 

At the same time, Wirtek was looking to focus more on an inbound approach, build more educational content for their audience, and increase the number of inbound leads. They already had a company blog but needed support to speed content creation, map the relevant conversion flows, create conversion points and implement all these processes in Hubspot.


The primary goals for Wirtek were:

  • improve the look & feel and user experience of their website
  • scale up the content creation process
  • build conversion flows on the website and better automate marketing processes
  • increase the number of inbound leads


Wirtek operates in a very competitive industry, with many big players battling for the attention of the same potential buyers. 

The main personas for Wirtek are technical people in leadership roles. They tend to be very cautious when it comes to the content they consume and where they get their information from. They receive tons of sales-related emails so reaching them at the right time, with the right type of content, and adding value to the conversation is critical.

At the same time, Wirtek was looking to set up the right marketing platform, so they could easily make changes to website pages, publish new content, nurture inbound leads and track key metrics all in one place.


  • In the first phase of our collaboration, we focused on understanding the business goals that Wirtek wanted to achieve, understanding who Wirtek’s clients are as well as setting up SMART goals. 
  • The next step was an in-depth content audit, where we looked at all the existing content, mapped out what could be repurposed and where we needed to create new content. A SEO assessment helped us understand opportunities to grow Wirtek’s organic visibility.
  • To really get a good sense of who these ideals clients were, we conducted interviews with the sales team, the marketing, the operations team, and clients themselves, then built buyer persona profiles.
  • Equipped with the knowledge from the audit, and knowing our client’s business goals, we put together a strategy to help Wirtek reach those goals.
  • On the website front, based on the conversation with the main stakeholders, and knowing the goals and the personas we were targeting, we first created a wireframe proposal. We iterated on that wireframe until we were confident it was the right structure and then moved onto creating a design proposal and finally, to implementation. Wirtek chose to develop their website using HubSpot CMS as it would seamlessly integrate with Hubspot’s Marketing tools and allow them to interact and nurture their website leads effectively. Also, the HubSpot CMS is easy to use and the marketing team is able to edit website content without any help from a developer, and having such flexibility was a key point for Wirtek.
  • We helped with the HubSpot onboarding as well, setting up all conversion flows into the marketing hub and training Wirtek’s marketing team.
  • After launching the website, we focused on adding new content, starting with bottom-of-the-funnel content (case studies) and implementing our first inbound campaign.

Our process flow

As the website is not a one-and-done activity, but an ongoing process, we are also working on improving the existing version based on user interactions and feedback: such as adding a chatbot and live chat, adding data collecting forms, and more.


Wirtek website was launched on November 2nd 2020. 

Former website version

The new website

We recently launched a first campaign, a pillar page that tackles in detail one of the solutions that Wirtek provides. The pillar page offers two points of conversion, based on where readers are in their journey: for readers in the decision stage, they can get in touch with Wirtek, or for those in consideration, they can download the content in the form of an eBook.

We automated all the follow-up emails using HubSpot workflows. The pillar page is being promoted with the help of organic posts and social and search ads.

About Wirtek

Wirtek is a Danish IT outsourcing company that teams up with companies to help them create great software solutions and electronic equipment products. In Wirtek, people come first, so they’ve built a team of great minds, with their hearts in the right place. And this changes everything, from the quality of the service to the involvement and attention they give to their client’s business. Their clients get top-notch technical solutions and a committed team that works with them as if it were their own. 

The company has a proven track record of creating strong financial results and long-lasting client partnerships and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen First North Growth Market since 2006.

Kind words from our client

Stoica team never ceases to amaze me, even after collaborating for almost a year. They are an awesome team, enthusiastic about marketing, growth driven websites, and continuous improvement. We have a great, reliable partner in them, constantly looking to do things even better and come up with creative solutions to achieve our goals. They’ve supported us in rebuilding our website to reflect our renewed visual identity and promise to our clients. And, now, after that is finalized, we are still collaborating on new and exciting projects. With their empathic approach, quick thinking, patience and flexibility, they feel like a friend, who always has our best interest in mind. 

Réka Borbély-Bándy
Director of Marketing