How Wirtek got their inbound marketing program off the ground

Starting an inbound program for the first time can be a daunting task. But with internal alignment, guidance from the right partner and the right tools, Wirtek managed to get up to speed with a new, growth driven website and a coherent inbound marketing plan. Keep on reading to learn how our client adopted an inbound marketing approach, how we supported them in the process and achieved a 10X growth in number of qualified leads.


Prior to 2020, Wirtek had been growing through a combination of outbound sales, referrals and the leadership team’s network. 

Wirtek is a Danish IT services provider with over 20 years of expertise, working with companies in the Energy sector, Telecommunications, Workforce management, to help them build custom software and test professional hardware that overcome the end users’ expectations.

Activating in a very dynamic and crowded space (IT services, software development), Wirtek realized that reaching their ideal clients via outbound was becoming increasingly costly and inefficient. 

Our client realised that in order to achieve their growth goals, they needed to add a stream of inbound leads and start attracting, engaging and educating potential customers in different stages of their buying journey.

Our client was already using a few different digital marketing tactics, but results were inconsistent and difficult to scale. So they set out to search for a partner to help them get clarity, build and launch a coherent inbound marketing plan to bridge the gap between where the company was and growth goals.

How we helped step by step

When we started working with Wirtek, the first stage was discovery:

  1. Our team at STOICA.CO spent time learning about Wirtek’s business model, who their clients were, how these clients converted, what made Wirtek’s services stand out, who was the competition – in short, get up to speed with how Wirtek operated
  2. We then sat down with our client to discuss their growth goals, define which KPIs to track and attribute revenue goals to marketing
  3. The next step was conducting an indepth marketing audit:
  4. We organized interviews with Wirtek’s clients as well as the sales, marketing and operations teams to get a clear understanding of the different client segments and decision makers, what their buying motivations were, pain points they were trying to solve, and how their purchasing journey looks like
  5. We then distilled these insights and created buyer persona profiles and buyer journey maps
  6. We conducted an indept content audit to understand what content was already built, which content we needed to build from scratch and what we could repurpose or update
  7. We also analyzed Wirtek’s channels (paid, SEO, organic) to uncover opportunities and gaps
  8. Knowing Wirtek’s growth goals, who their ideal clients were, and what their buying journey was, we put together an inbound marketing plan, devised in quarterly campaigns.  


To operationalize our plan, we also needed to put a few foundational things in place:

  • A growth driven website
  • A unified platform for sales and marketing

A growth driven website

Wirtek’s old website was built with outdated technologies, required constant fixes and the marketing team had a hard time managing it. 

So our goals for the website were to:

  • Give the marketing team complete ownership of the website
  • Build a website around Wirtek’s ideal clients’ needs

 We chose HubSpot CMS and used a growth driven approach for development:

  • We discussed together with Wirtek who the website is for and what jobs were their ideal clients trying to achieve when visiting the website
  • We determined the most critical website requirements 
  • Built an initial website structure and wireframes
  • Then worked on creating the design, implemented the website in HubSpot CMS, tested and launched the first version

Today, our client’s website has a modern look and feel, with clear conversion paths for each of the different buyer persona they target.


A unified platform for sales and marketing – HubSpot

Our client chose HubSpot as a single source of truth for all their client related activity. We helped train Wirtek’s commercial teams, onboard and set up their HubSpot portal:

  • We helped import contacts from former CRM
  • We trained the sales and marketing teams on using the HubSpot CRM, the sales and marketing tools
  • We set up their marketing processes in HubSpot (forms, automated workflows, contact management & more)
  • We set up analytics dashboard in HubSpot, so the sales and marketing teams can quickly see how their leads progress through the sales funnel

Operationalizing the inbound marketing plan

Having a solid foundation in place (a growth driven website, an inbound marketing strategy grounded in research and data, and HubSpot as a growth platform) we moved on to build content offers and get them in front of Wirtek’s ideal clients. 

The first one was a bottom-of-the-funnel offer to engage visitors who were ready to have a sales conversation.

We then moved on to create content assets that addresses concerns and questions of buyers in earlier stages of their journey.

Creating valuable content is a team effort, and we relied on Wirtek subject matter experts for key insights and adding the right nuances. We then worked on promoting the content via social, paid and in other relevant channels, as well as setting nurturing flows in HubSpot.


What we achieved

Since we started our collaboration, we managed to redesign the client’s old website into a modern one, optimized for conversions. 

We’ve been building and distributing content for their ideal clients and driving new marketing leads and enrolling them into nurturing sequences and directing them to sales at the right time.

Key results we achieved together:

  • Organic traffic grew from 14.25% of total traffic in 2020 to 36.56% of total users in 2022
  • Inbound leads grew 3 times between 2020 and 2022  and MQLs grew 10 times in the same time frame

Highlights from one of the campaigns we run for our client:

  • More than 424k people reached
  • 4708 engaged with the social accounts
  • 4498 people landed on the website
  • 152 leads coming from paid social & paid search 
  • 95 Marketing Qualified Leads 
  • 1 opportunity influenced
  • 182 contacts enrolled in the email nurturing workflow

Takeaways - what we learned

Working with Wirtek has been an intense learning experience, particularly as they operate in such a crowded market as IT outsourcing services is. 

Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way: 

  • Having leadership’s support is crucial when you get an inbound marketing plan off the ground: results don’t come overnight, and there is a lot of trial and error involved, so you need to know you have the space to experiment and learn
  • Having the sales and marketing teams aligned is also super important, as leads need to pass at the right time from marketing to sales and sales need to know how to follow up the right way
  • Narrowing down your campaign’s target helps you be more relevant for that specific audience
  • Creating valuable content takes a lot of back and forth, as well as involving voices outside of the company, so budget for the extra time and effort
  • Short funnels don’t work when you are selling a complex services, so plan for different content pieces to target your audience at different stages of their buying process

What our client says

Stoica team never ceases to amaze me, even after collaborating for almost a year. They are an awesome team, enthusiastic about marketing, growth driven websites, and continuous improvement.
We have a great, reliable partner in them, constantly looking to do things even better and come up with creative solutions to achieve our goals. They’ve supported us in rebuilding our website to reflect our renewed visual identity and promise to our clients. And, now, after that is finalized, we are still collaborating on new and exciting projects.“

Réka Borbély-Bándy

Director of Marketing, Wirtek