Introducing Solid B2B theme: why we created a HubSpot CMS theme


What do marketers want in 2022 and beyond? They want to stand out from the crowd and win the attention of their ideal customers. 

But before anything, marketers want the right tools so they can do their best work. And a modern website that can be easily edited and updated is one of those tools. 

The era of clunky, hard-coded websites is over. As websites evolved from static, presentation websites to conversion-focused websites, marketers needed to update websites much more often. Think of regularly publishing blog posts, creating dedicated landing pages, adding a new page for a new product, or simply creating a new section on a page.

HubSpot CMS does a great job of putting that freedom and flexibility in the hands of marketing people. On top of the flexibility, the HubSpot CMS has a unique feature in that the CMS is plugged into the HubSpot CRM. So that all lead data from your website flows directly into the CRM, enabling you to create dynamic content and landing pages.

Think about showing personalized content or calls to action, based on previous pages your visitors interacted with or content they downloaded. 

“Hi Elena, since you downloaded our eBook on how to develop your website strategy, we thought you might like the website launch checklist ”.

How cool is that?

We too believe that a website is an ever-evolving organism, that needs to be constantly improved based on your visitors’ feedback. So the ability to build and manage websites on the fly is gold.

And HubSpot perfectly aligns with the trend of empowering marketers and reducing reliance on developers to make website changes. It’s a true CMS built for marketers. And because of that, we embarked on the journey of creating themes for the HubSpot ecosystem.

We’re happy to officially launch our second theme: introducing Solid B2B theme to the world:)

Who is the Solid B2B theme for?

As you might have guessed already, we created Solid B2B for well, B2B marketers. 

Our intention was to build a fully customizable and comprehensive theme that will enable marketers to create any webpage they need. While keeping the theme easy to use and edit, so you don’t require help from a designer or developer.

We looked at our clients’ requirements and tried to determine what functionalities they use the most often. And came up with a comprehensive collection of 44 modules: from pricing cards, process, results, testimonials slider, event calendar and many more.

It was also important for us to go in-depth with customization options: you can edit anything from colors, fonts, button styles, titles, adjust margins within modules or between sections, change the background from color to image or video, and much more. So the end result feels like your own unique branding, even if it’s built with an out-of-box theme.

What’s inside the theme?

Solid B2B theme offers:

  • 44 modules
  • 24 Page templates
  • 15 System templates

If you would like to give Solid B2B a try, then you also get:

  • 30 minutes free consultation & demo before you buy
  • Free branding setup (fonts, logos, colors)
  • 2 hours of web development to help you get up & running 
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Free upgrades with new releases
  • If you find any bugs in the theme, the fix is on us
  • Unlimited support on Discord


  • Fully customizable (colors, fonts, font sizes, logos, spacing) on a global & module level
  • A solid collection of 44 modules to create any B2B webpage you need
  • Drag-and-drop theme, no coding skills needed
  • Simple and intuitive to edit
  • Mobile responsive, with additional typography settings for mobile screens
  • Modern and adaptable design 
  • A modules overview page to help you figure out how each module looks after applying global settings
  • Complete documentation showing you how the theme works before you buy

Just as a website is not a set-it-and-forget-it project, so are themes. While we’re super proud of our theme, we are aware that we can improve it even further. So the next step for the Solid B2B theme is continuous improvement based on your feedback. We also plan to add new modules and templates, such as pillar pages for example.

If you’re interested in trying the Solid B2B theme, we’d be grateful to hear your feedback. It’s the best way to help us make Solid B2B better.

Check out Solid B2B theme in the HubSpot marketplace.