Why we’ve started a B2B Marketers’ community

We feel there is always a better way to do things: be it a better way to use a tool, an improved process or a different way to implement a marketing plan. When we operate with this mindset, we find that we are able to come up with better solutions, achieve sustainable results and create long-term value. 

In short, there is a better way of doing digital marketing. We are confident other marketers think the same, and we know this because we’ve met some of them.

For a while now, we’ve been wanting to bring all of them together and create a place to foster both personal and professional growth. Helping others is one of our core values at STOICA.CO and so building a community of people that support each other and contribute to each other’s development and growth was a natural next step. This is how the Better Digital Marketing Community was born.

Where and for who?

We chose LinkedIn as a platform to host this community, for its professional vibe (that we aim to sweeten with some more personal talks). We’ve narrowed it down only to B2B marketers, because our expertise is in B2B marketing and we are confident we can offer support and guidance to other fellow marketers. Nonetheless, the level of proficiency, the region or the company you’re representing don’t matter.

What drives us?

The goal is to help each member stand out, join the conversation, contribute and ask for help.You’ll find here many opportunities to learn and to share your knowledge, to find collaborators, to meet peers and to work on shared projects.

Better Digital Marketing is not about promoting ourselves, but putting our members in the spotlight. Respect, honesty and real value are at the heart of this group, but so is creativity, fun and vulnerability. 

What was the process behind?

Before starting this LinkedIn community, we’ve thoroughly thought about answers to questions such as: Who is it for? Why would people join this group? What’s the added value it can bring? What are the rituals we’ll follow in order to keep the group active?. 

We knew that clearing all these things was the only way to put the basis of a strong community. After answering these questions, we’ve moved on to creating an identity and a header image especially for this group, because we wanted to show that we are involved with all our resources in this.

The community was just opened and we are dedicated to growing it sustainably – which translates through engagement, valuable content, no spam, members who can bring something new to the table and opportunities to connect. We’re also open to learning new things and methods to better manage this community, so we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

We are here to grow together and to find better ways to do B2B digital marketing so if you’re ready to join the conversation, we’re waiting for you here