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Patient Engagement Management (PEM) Suite is a hub of tools and resources to enable healthcare stakeholders adopt patient engagement in a systematic and efficient way. PEM Suite is an initiative started by our client The Synergist.

The client wanted to create a hub to host practical tools and resources for healthcare stakeholders to plan and execute any patient engagement initiative. The platform hosts various resources from how-to guides to training courses and legal and contractual tools.

PEM Suite needed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, so stakeholders could find and access the right resources on the go. The website also needed to be visually appealing so we used rich visuals and animations to showcase the resources hosted.

Starting from our client’s vision and goals, we created the visual identity to reflect the PEM Suite brand and values: the logo as well as the different icons and imagery to be used throughout the website.

We then gathered requirements and worked to understand the features needed.

The next step was to create a sitemap to reflect the structure of the website as well as wireframes for the main pages. Based on the wireframes, we built the design for the web pages and then implemented them into WordPress.

In the final stage, we tested the website to make sure all functionalities work as intended and that the website performs well on both desktop and mobile.

We delivered the PEM Suite project from beginning to end: from building the visual identity to wireframing and design, web development, testing. We also build all the animations and visuals on the website.

What they said

I’ve been working with Stoica for a good couple of years now. Their speed and quality level is unbeatable. We’ve been working together on a wide variety of projects – from complex digital products development to website design and delivery, campaign design and management, presentations design etc. Every time the results were beyond expectations and our clients were impressed. Working in the medical ecosystem, a highly complex and dynamic sector, it’s not always easy to anticipate workloads and needs, but Stoica always proved to be flexible, adaptable and responding to our needs. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a professional team that now feels as part of our team.

Roxana Radu

Communication Manager, The Synergist