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Wirtek is an established Danish IT outsourcing provider.

Wirtek’s previous website was built with older technologies, it needed constant fixes and was difficult to be managed by the marketing team.

As it was difficult to integrate it with external systems (eg. marketing automation tools) so the marketing team couldn’t run proper lead generation campaigns with it. Besides the corporate website, Wirtek also had a second one used for recruitment and wanted to merge the two into one single web property.


We rebuilt Wirtek’s corporate website end-to-end and launched it in the agreed timeframe, using a modern and reliable CMS (HubSpot).

The website addresses three types of personas (potential customers, investors and employees), with clear conversion paths for each of them.

Marketing team now can easily edit web pages and content, test calls to action or optimize forms. They now easily use the website in all digital campaigns and can track performance in HubSpot unified dashboard.

How the project evolved

Once the website was launched, we helped Wirtek with developing and implementing their inbound strategy.

We’ve already implemented the first three demand generation campaigns, using educational content for their ideal clients, pillar pages, landing pages and automated email campaigns.

Technologies used

HubSpot CMS,

HubSpot Marketing Hub

We continued to iterate and improve the Investors webpage, based on feedback from Wirtek’s stakeholders. The current Investors webpage functions as a microsite, with different functionalities: real-time shares price, financial reports hub, events hub, a custom footer and more. We also supported Wirtek in designing the 2020 Annual Financial Report: from proposing a visual direction for the report to creating the final version.

What they said

Stoica team never ceases to amaze me, even after collaborating for almost a year. They are an awesome team, enthusiastic about marketing, growth driven websites, and continuous improvement. We have a great, reliable partner in them, constantly looking to do things even better and come up with creative solutions to achieve our goals. They’ve supported us in rebuilding our website to reflect our renewed visual identity and promise to our clients. And, now, after that is finalized, we are still collaborating on new and exciting projects. With their empathic approach, quick thinking, patience and flexibility, they feel like a friend, who always has our best interest in mind.

Réka Borbély-Bándy

Director of Marketing, Wirtek