What digital marketing strategies and tactics are top tech companies in Belgium using to stay ahead?


2020 was such an unexpected and full of key turn milestones year: it was the year of all-digital events, digital-only marketing campaigns and marked the growth of digital sales.

With a fresh start ahead, we wanted to reflect on the most important takeaways from 2020 and what trends marketers should keep an eye on 2021. How can we better prepare to kick off the next 12 months with the right mindset and strategies?

Our contributors:

  • Alexandra Mogin, Marketing Manager at TenForce
  • Isabelle Hanet, Growth hacker marketer at Deliverect
  • Karina Kovalenko, Marketing Manager at Geckomatics
  • Mieke Houbrechts,  Marketing Manager at Cumul.io
  • Nicu Enache,  ACIM, Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Tanguy Verbelen, Growth Marketer at StoryChief