Build a winning paid media strategy for B2B SMEs and startups

Paid media can be a great acquisition channel, but many B2B startups or SMEs start on the wrong foot. In this episode, I chat with Andrea Todorova and Niko Dovidija, co-founders of Diligent Studios, a B2B marketing agency specialized on strategy – first performance marketing.
Tune in to learn:
What are the top mistakes B2B startups and SMEs make when it comes to paid media and how to address them
What is Diligent Studios’ framework for strategic performance marketing and how it adds value to their clients
How to think about selecting the right paid channels
How to approach testing new channels
What do best-performing B2B ad campaigns have in common
If you want to know more about my guests, you can find and connect with Andrea and Niko on Linkedin or find out more about Diligent Studios on their website.