How B2B marketers can increase their credibility & deliver more business impact

Stacey Danheiser, Founder and CMO of Shake Marketing joins episode #15 to talk about why many B2B marketers today lack credibility in front of their leadership team, and how they can turn this situation around and deliver more business impact. 
Stacey shares insights from her career of over 20 years as a marketing leader and strategist, talking about what leadership expects from marketing and how you can become an effective and reputable marketing leader. 
Some of the ideas we touched on:
Why marketers lack credibility in many companies
What do CEOs and leadership expect from marketing?
What are the 3 traits of an effective marketing leader today?
The different ways marketers sabotage themselves in the workplace and how to change that
You can find Stacey on Linkedin or on her website 
Bonus: check out Stacey’ Scorecard “The Confident Marketer Scorecard”.