Running outbound sales the right way in B2B with Liana and Gabriela of SavoireFair

Companies often look at outbound sales as a quick fix for bringing in revenue. But sales is not about charm, and revenue is not about luck.

If your company doesn’t have a revenue strategy in place that starts with understanding your customers’ needs, your competitors, defining the right pricing strategy and channels, you’re most likely to end up complaining that outbound sales are “dead”.

I sat down with Liana and Gabriela of SavoireFair and explored what running outbound sales the right way looks like today in B2B.

Tune in to learn:

  • What B2B outbound done right looks like today
  • How to build a solid outbound strategy
  • Mistakes to avoid, what you can automate in your outreach process, realistic expectations, and much more

Gabriela Turcu and Liana Stoica are the founders of SavoireFaire, a Boutique consultancy helping B2B startups and scale-ups build global sales engines.

You can find more about their process and philosophy on their website or connect with Liana and Gabriela on LinkedIn.