Defining the right go-to-market strategy for B2B tech companies

If you’re interested in learning about Go-To-Market strategies for B2B brands, this episode is for you. In episode #9 I sit down to discuss with Stefan Repin, fractional CMO and GTM Strategist, everything related to GTM and working with a fractional CMO. 
Play the episode to learn:
When it’s the right time to hire a fractional CMO & the value one can bring
What elements should you take into consideration when you’re building your GTM strategy
What framework for experimentation can you use
How to measure marketing’s impact on revenue
How to think about hiring your first marketing people
You can connect with Stefan on LinkedIn where he talks about brand, content, B2B marketing, and demand generation: The resources mentioned in this episode:
The Mom Test: How to Talk to Customers & Learn If Your Business Is a Good Idea When Everyone Is Lying to You by Rob Fitzpatrick
Move: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework by Sangram Vajre
Paul Graham’s article Default Dead or Default Alive & for message testing