How adopting a buyer-centric model enables companies to deliver value.

Companies that win in the long run focus on providing the best buying experience for their customers. But the way (many) B2B companies sell and do marketing today is disconnected from how buyers want to buy. Marketing is tasked with generating contact data for sales to close. Pressured to produce leads fast, marketing teams don’t have time to focus on building valuable, informative content and a great experience for their audience. Sales then chases those leads that might not even have a real interest, just to hand over those interested buyers from one sales function to the other. In this setup, no one wins – or as my guest, Nelson Gilliat puts it, “companies succeed despite of these tactics, not because of them”. In episode #7, we flip the script and talk about what is wrong with the way B2B companies sell and do marketing today. And why Nelson advocates for the Buyer Centric Revenue Model, how it enables marketing & sales teams to do meaningful work and provides a better buying experience. Nelson is the author of “The Death of the SDR: And the Birth of Buyer Centric Revenue Model”. He is the founder of the Buyer Centric Revenue Model Slack community to help people discuss and implement the Buyer Centric Revenue Model.