How B2B companies can deliver value and stand out through their messaging

Confused prospects don’t buy. And when you are trying to say everything about your product or service all at once, you’re creating just that: confusion. This is where messaging strategy comes into play: it helps you identify the most essential things about your product or service and why that matters to your audience. 
So your company is remembered for the right things and cut through the noise. In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting to Diane Wiredu of Lion Words about messaging strategy in B2B. 
Listen to the episode if you’re curious to learn:
Why messaging strategy matters and how to know if you need to work on your messaging
What good messaging sounds like
The 4-steps process Diane uses for building effective messaging
How to prevent yourself from sounding like every other company out there
How to test your messaging
Bonus: find out what jobs Diane wanted to have as she grew up
You can follow Diane on LinkedIn or learn more about her messaging strategy & consulting work on her website
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