Running growth marketing experiments the right way in B2B

Everyone seems to be talking about growth marketing, but what is growth marketing exactly, and what is not? If you’re interested in running growth experiments to learn faster what works in your marketing but fear you’re not ready or that you’re behind the curve, this episode is for you. 
I invited Katya Sivkova, Founder of Boom & Bloom, a growth advisory and growth consultant, to discuss how to run experiments the right way. Here are some of the topics we tackle in this episode:
When it’s the right time in a company’s development to start running growth experiments
What are the foundational steps you need to take before you start experimenting
What are the best practices to formulate realistic hypotheses
How to select your channels to experiment and scale
Katya’s top learnings from mentoring startups & scaleups and pitfalls you want to avoid
Katya is the Founder of Boom & Bloom, a growth advisory. Her mission is to help tech companies grow & scale. You can find and connect with Katya via her website or on her Linkedin profile. 
Some of the resources mentioned by Katya:
Growth Tribe
Growth Mentor