The future of marketing & how effective B2B marketing looks today

We need to change how we do marketing today because focusing purely on customer acquisition is becoming increasingly expensive, and it’s not sustainable long-term. Instead, we need to view marketing as a holistic way of growing a company throughout the entire customer journey: from acquisition to activation, retention, and expansion. 
But to get there, we need to challenge how most companies and leaders think about marketing, step away from trying to measure and attribute everything and have marketing and sales compete for resources and recognition. 
My guest Jennifer Montague shares her vision of what marketing’s role in a company should be and how she’s building that vision at IoT start-up Onomondo. 
Listen to the episode to discover:
How Jennifer came to view marketing as holistic growth, and what has led her to this vision
How you can get started in realigning marketing to have a holistic impact across the customer’s journey
How Jennifer thinks about roles and skills in the growth team
How Onomondo will grow in the next 2-3 years, and what marketing levers they are pulling to get there